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An organization committed to bringing high quality music programs and jazz concerts to children and adults throughout the Toledo area.

Founded by jazz musician Andre Wright in 2005.  These efforts create a strong connection to our community and its culture, continuing the important legacy of America’s music.

Intially, JAW operated under the umbrella of award winning arts and education agency, The Arts Council of Lake Erie West. Currently JAW is partnered with the highly regarded, 103 year-old legacy community organization, The Fredrick Douglass Community Center, which is informally and affectionately known as “The Doug”.

Music is the universal language, and it is being spoken all around the world.

~Andre Wright

A previous event orchestrated by J.A.W.

Bringing talent to Toledo.

Event Programming

JAW serves the important art form of jazz by hosting, coordinating, and promoting jazz concerts and jazz related events. These efforts pay homage to the great Toledo jazz institutions of the past, namely Rusty's Jazz Cafe, Murphy's Place, and Degage. With this in mind, JAW is committed to bringing musicians of the highest caliber to Toledo to allow jazz lovers, students, and performers to experience this level of musicianship first hand.

Music Education Programming

Within its music education programming, JAW teaches students important life skills through working with a musical instrument. One life skill example is the aspect of communication. JAW uses rhythm, utilizing a musical instrument, as a gateway to begin to understand the language of music. Rhythm is such an impactful way of communicating and is relatable to every human being. The most important organ in the body is the HEART. Everyone has the heartbeat rhythm within them!


JAW engages leaders in the field of music to assist with the development and execution of our programming. In addition to Mr. Wright, our roster of notable advisors includes individuals such as music education innovator Douglas Logston. Mr. Logston has assisted in the development and coordination our highly successful education, concert, and event initiatives.

J.A.W. hopes its efforts will impact the Toledo community in many positive ways.

J.A.W. aspires to help heal our community

with initiatives that engages our youth and adults in the art form of America's music... Jazz! Through this music, we will connect a line through everyone to peace, love, and harmony!

Donations empower local artists

Raised $6,240

Goals $15,000


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